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Título: Acoustic Guitar - Record or play from piezo - IR Impulse Response
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How to record or play live an Acoustic Guitar from a piezo pickup - Impulse Response

The sound from the piezo isn't a real replica of the sound of the instrument that you listen directly from the instrument. So you will need to record some WAV files from it and from a condenser microphone simultaneouslly. Then calculate with a small program the impulse response (IR) that will transform the linear "distorted" piezo output into the sound that the instrument acustically produces, and that you can listen to. The IR is then applyed to the guitar recording track, or you can use a IR speaker simulator like Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Sim, this will enable you to apply it in real time to your sound and make the transformation (convolution of the IR). The ToneDexter from Audio Sprockets does this in a one stop solution. But you have the option to choose between the three possibilities ... apply the IR on the computer, realtime on a IR speaker simulator. or use the ToneDexter that does all the process. But read on the technical details about the subject, because they are really interesting.

Acoustic IR (

Jon Fields open source algorithm (

Doug Young IR comparisson (

For realtime processing you can load the IR - Impulse Response into the Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Sim.

James May Interview with Aaron Short Music (

ToneDexter - Audio Sprockets (